Nov 15, 2008

Congratulations to our CATALYST SCHOLAR: Sonja Stilnovich

Congratulations to Sonja Stilnovich for being awarded the first CATALYST SCHOLARSHIP. The Catalyst scholarship entitles her to the following:

* One FREE JLC Danceforms workshop
* Consultation and Representation by Chrstylz Entertainment - a young and urban company that provides talent (dancers, models, actors) for various projects.
* Training with Catalyst Dance Company 2009
* Featured as a performer in Catalyst Fall Production 2009


“The Catalyst Boot Camp is one of the best workshops that I have been to in a really long time. What I loved about it was how intimate and interactive it was. The class sizes were small, focused and friendly. Everyone supported and inspired one another through their movement and energy. This boot camp IS inspiration, it IS faith and it is realizing that dreams CAN AND DO come true.”

Sonja was selected because her drive, passion for her craft, well-rounded dancing, and eagerness to learn, was evident throughout the entire bootcamp weekend. Congrats and get ready for what's to come!!!

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