Mar 31, 2009

CATALYST AUDITION - Preparing a Solo

Many dancers expressed concerns or worried bout preparing a solo for the Catalyst Audition. And to this, Catalyst response is ‘Why not take a risk? Challenge yourself to do something you don’t usually do.’ Since we are seeking risk-taking females, we added this element of the audition to test how comfortable each dancer was doing this.

There is no right or wrong answer to the solo because it simply showcases YOU and your individual skills. We saw everything from pointe, folkloric, tap, booty poppin, salsa, musical theatre, acro, jazz and more. It was amazing to see everyone present themselves. No one followed anyone else’s style but their own. You get to prepare and create something with no rules but the ones you make up.

How Liberating!

For many of you, we understand it may not be something your used to. But go ahead and try it! Dance class is great to grasp technique and style of other people’s movement but how about your own? Go through some of your favourite songs that speak to you, get up and start moving around. Do whatever feels good and natural to you. Sure, you may feel ridiculous in the beginning, however, after doing this many times, you’ll start to feel very free and in control of your body. Start building movement phrases and soon you would have created something of your own. (And maybe even something you feel comfortable showing at the Catalyst Audition perhaps?;)

Thank you to all the brave hearts that prepared their solos and stepped up to the challenge. We award you for attending, being present, and taking a risk.

Remember "It's not about whether you win or lose the game, what matters most is that you even SHOWED UP to play."

See the rest of you at the Catalyst Auditions in April. Good Luck!!!

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