Mar 23, 2009

Catalyst Vancouver Choreographer 'Heather Laura Gray" collaborates with NYC City Poet

Catalyst Guest Vancouver Choreographer "Heather Laura Gray" united with New York City Poet in a performance at the 2009 Sound Bites Poetry Festival April 12th and 13th 6pm at the Roy Arias Theatre 300 West 43rd Street. Tickets $15.00

This exciting collaboration began after Gray traveled to New York to deliver a DVD of a performance done to Mahogany’s “She”. “In 2006 I produced a 60 cast showcase of spoken word through music and dance. I found “She” on an unlabelled burnt CD from and instantly connected with Mahogany’s content and amazing delivery not knowing the author or the title”.

When Gray went to perform “She” a second time in 2007 she made sure to determine the author. From there the two communicated via email. “Trying to describe what I did was pointless; I knew I had to show Mahogany.” Soon after viewing the DVD Browne commissioned Gray to collaborate on new work for The Sounds Bites Festival 2009.

Both artists come from different city, countries and very different backgrounds but bond through their passion to create journeys for their audiences. “She is an artist with amazing craftsmanship and awareness” said Gray “To hear that she was moved by my work meant I succeeded in connecting to that. I look forward to putting it together now in the same room.”

Catalyst congratulates Heather on her exciting collaboration and for those of you who are in the NYC area, make sure to check it out!

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