Jun 28, 2009

Catalyst Performance of "THE FORMULA" an audience FAVOURITE!!

What do you get when you mix a classical ballerina b-girl, a cool contemporary artist, a wild street jazzer, an old skool sophisticated sista, and a fiery hip-shakin flip?


The 5 fine ladies of Catalyst premiered "THE FORMULA" at 'Talent Defined' yesterday and they were a HIT with the audience!!

"Fresh, Disgusting, Ridiculous"

"Lots of ENERGY and looks like it would be so much fun to be a part of this company!"

"That was your FIRST performance together?!? WOW"

"Sexy, Fun, Energetic."

"CATALYST was hands down my favourite performance of the night!"


Thank you to everyone that came out to watch us, to Tina and Estelle and the crew at City Dance Corps for producing the show, and to DFS Productions for originally composing our music.

Don't miss out on upcoming Catalyst Performances!!! Keep checking back for updates. These diverse and powerful ladies will be movin' and shakin' up the city in no time.

Artistic Directors: Janet L. Castillo and Natasha Powell

Core Catalyst Dancers: Tiffany Mak, Anna Bilotta, Sarah Cruickshank

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