May 20, 2010

CATALYST Presents "The 5th Element" RECAP PART 1

The energy was buzzing underneath the glimmering disco balls and candle-lit venue. People from all over the city arrived to show CATALYST support for their Premier Production of "The 5th Element".  Drawing a diverse crowd into the venue,  it was clear that everyone (whether decked out in a formal dress or chilling in a casual jumpsuit), was welcome and resonated the most perfect vibe. 

With a pre-show for Media, CATALYST and special guests performed 'Earth', conducted interviews, and spoke with Free the Children Representatives about their mission "Dance to Inspire Change"

Super host Ayesha Mansur started off the night preparing the audience for "The 5th - a new movement" 

With an uproar from the audience to begin, everyone got close as the lights went down, music began, and the velvet red curtains opened...

"To the rumblings of the Earth"

Inspired by: The Heartbeat 

CATALYST and special guests shook it up in their custom-designed Earth costumes by Sponsor SHKANK INC. 

Drumming duo Bongo and B setting it off!

Special Guest GADFLY swiping the floor with their Capeiora-inspired moves

Sweaty bodies, shaking feathers, pulsing hearts, and seductive smiles ruled the Earth Element. Interpreted as 'the beginning',  Earth set the tone for the night as everyone entered an unknown realm of possibility. 

The curtains closed and after a big exhale from the audience, the sound of the rain began.. 

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