Oct 13, 2010

10 Tips for a Catalyst Audition

What to expect at a Catalyst Audition: 10 Tips to Succeed

10. Everything counts
Make every move count from the moment you walk into the door to the time you leave. Don't cut short, skip, gloss over, and/or shorten any of the moves. Be with everyone in the room and make every second count.

9. Be prepared
Who is Catalyst anyway? Do I need a headshot/resume? Do I need a solo prepared? What styles are they teaching? Before any audition, be prepared with the necessary information and tools which will help your audition run smoother.

8. Take Risks
To be a Catalyst, you must be willing to experiment in different realms. On and off stage, our dancers take risks and see every outcome as a learning experience.

7. Don't overload on the make-up and we are frightened of bowas or pom pom's
Catalyst is known for our fresh, natural talent and although we love to go ALL-OUT for a show, we don't let the glitz take away from the essence of the dance itself. Shine for us.

8. Have fun!
Auditions can be gruelling but lighten up, they are not the end of the world. Although we mean serious business when it comes to dance, we require laughs, playtime, and pure foolishness in order to create our best work.

7. Steer away from Zzzzz's...
If your life depended on being an entertainer or performer, then please do just that! ENTERTAIN us with something different, exciting, provoking, even crazy. We are rooting for you and the last thing we want is for our eyes to glaze over.

6. Share
Share your pens. Your dance space. Your energy. We are Catalysts for each other so be willing to give away what you already have. The less you have, the more you are forced to replenish.

5. Pay attention
Details count so stay alert for instructions and demonstrations. We move pretty fast so try your best to stay on top. We take note of all extended effort:)

4. Stretch
Yes your body, but also your mind and your soul. Sounds cliche, but our moves come from an internal purpose and we own a holistic approach to our training. Start your inhaling and exhaling now...

3. Have the right shoes
This one is a toughie. Catalyst can be seen in bare feet, socks, runners, boots, and/or heels depending on our mood. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to dance your butt off no matter what footwear.

2. Tell us a story
We would like to get to know you so be prepared to answer some random questions. Catalyst mission is to dance to inspire change. What are you inspired by?

We are looking for YOU, not anyone else. So please don't forget this person at home. It is this person who may have actually made the final cut.

CATALYST wishes you GOOD LUCK!!!

Email us at info@catalystthecompany.com if you have any comments, questions, and/or need to fulfill Tip #2.

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