Apr 22, 2011


It’s true when they say that ideas are nothing without execution.

Last year I felt the need to start an initiative in which my goal was to preserve and promote the vital core element of urban dance. That being said I created SOUL COMMITTED PRODUCTIONS. Through artistic programming, educational workshops, and other special projects my goal is to enrich communities, and foster lasting relationships between the dancers and its supporters.

Last year it was idea…this year I executed.

I produced my first event: KEEP IT FRESH VOL. I: A 1-on-1 All-Styles Dance Battle. The dancers were in it to win it, DJ SON of SOUL kept the records spinning, and Mariano entertained the heck out of everyone! I felt so blessed to have so much love in the room. Congratulations to Ryo for not only being the winner, but taking the chance and battling in Toronto, after only having moved to the city a month ago!! Talk about incredible!!

I can’t even lie…doing this event was scary…attempting to do something I’d never done before. But no one ever said things like this would be easy right? We never see it in the beginning, but when you take that first scary step that you’ve been hesitant to take for a while, I GUARANTEE that once you do, you will open up yourself to windows of opportunity. It sounds so cliché but our potential is limitless. Tapping into unknown territory is the first step to unveiling your greatness.

And don’t we all want to be great?!

Thank you to my CAT sistahs Jae for throwing it down in the battle, and Tiff for being one of the judges!!! Shout out to Ofilio for being my second judge!

Who’s ready for VOL. II??

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