Jun 24, 2011

Catalyst "The 5th Element" WATER

An original Cat, Tiff Mak is a multi-talented performer and choreographer who is classically trained in Cecchetti ballet with a flare for break dancing. Creating powerful and unforgettable pieces for "The 5th Element", Tiff believes in the freedom of movement, and maneuvers from the air to the ground with elegance and strength.

Credited for her unique fusion of dance forms, she has performed and choreographed in live-staged productions for extreme martial arts group, Team 2Xtreme, and in film and tv for "The Rick Mercer Report", Disney’s “Frenemies,” and Masia One’s music video “Return of the Bgirl.”

Tiff Mak’s passion for the arts is also expressed through her music. She is an up-and-coming recording artist/songwriter who debuted at the all-female showcase, Honey Jam 2010. With the summer release of her latest track “All the Lies,” she displays that her passion for expression exceeds all limitations.

This Cat will be ripping the stage up in all of the Elements with a solid feature in Water and Fire.

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