Jul 10, 2011

From a 4-Star Rating in NOW Magazine to a Standing Ovation!

Leon Blackwood, Toronto Dancer/Choreographer Extraordinaire

Shawn Byfield, Award-winning choreographer

"Your show choreo was incredible! And WOW! What a wonderfully talented cast you have, very inspiring movement shapes and the use of the stage was well-thought out. LOVE your brains: your fusion of so many dance genres was blended so seamlessly."

Sheena Vera Cruz, Philippine All-Stars - World Hip Hop Champions

"The show was beautiful. I was really inspired! As a dancer and artist, you can relate to it completely. Everything was beautiful from the dance, to the story from beginning to end. It wasn’t just a dance, the message was fully there. At the end, the spoken word artist said ‘Free Your Mind”, and when the piece came on right after, I really felt it."

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