Jul 8, 2011

Toronto Fringe Festival - David Mirvish, David Miller and Official Poster Sprint

"Ultimately, your the biggest entrepreneurs of all. And when your shows succeed, I look to the future because I can't do all the shows and I never will be able to. I need people as silly as me to take risks with me" - David Mirvish

"It's all about the amazing creativity of Torontonians and our friends which is you. People love the Fringe because it's wild, it's innovative, and you don't know what to expect, it's different" - David Miller

Poster Sprint:
Clearly rookies to this, Catalyst ran the poster sprint with all other companies in order to get prime real estate for their posters in the Fringe alleyway. Artists knocking down each other to promote their show was truly a wicked sight to see.

Call it a true hustle for your Art.

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