Mar 15, 2010

CATALYST Presents 'The 5th Element' "An insatiable journey..."

Thoughts from "Firestarter"

To the glam of Hollywood, to the street hustle of New York, to the artistic landscape of London, England, my dance career has miraculously allowed me to venture the world’s top entertainment cities. I have witnessed some of the most fascinating people, places, and things, while transforming enormously at every single moment.

Upon returning to Toronto last year, many people ask “Why did you come back?” or ‘You must miss LA.” And my answer is always the same. “I came back because I was ready to come HOME.” After searching outside of myself for so long, I realized that the real answers I needed were already inside of me. I had found my element.

For Toronto, I see the most fascinating things. I see possibility. I see incredible opportunity. I see raw talent just waiting to sprout. I see creative excitement. This is what keeps my fire burning. This is what ignites my contagious spark.

The 5th Element represents the insatiable journey that we are on every day. Each one of us has something unique to offer the world. Through this show, we have created a fresh platform for our city’s most extraordinary talent, from emerging to professional, to tell their stories and reveal their dynamic gifts. With no rules but our own, let us build together. Let us find solutions instead of problems. Let us look at our own self-reflection instead of spending precious time mirroring others.

It is my great honor to invite you in joining Catalyst and Special Guests as we entice you with our elements in hopes that you will discover yours. As Catalysts, we dance to inspire change….for ourselves, for each other, for our city, for the world…..

Mark your calendars. You don’t want to be anywhere but at “The 5 Element” on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010.

“From the rumblings of the earth, to the emotional depths of the water, to the burning passion of the fire, to the flying freedom of the air….”

Get Ready.

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