Mar 22, 2010

Satisfying the Soul...

Thoughts from “Soul Sistah”

My dance career has existed in two worlds. Classical Dance and Street Dance.

Airplanes have taken me and my luggage to two different coasts. The East Coast, and the West Coast.

I sang the same song in both stories when I was at the point where I was trying to “find myself”. The lyrics went something like:

“Where do I fit in?”

“Where will people accept me for me?”

“Am I good enough to be here?”

“This isn’t working out, let me try something else...”

“I think I deserve to be here, but what do others think?”

But through growth, experience, and TONS of reading, I realized that it didn’t matter what city I was in, or what style I was doing. My location and what I was doing was irrelevant, so long as the soul was being satisfied.

Me and jazz have a great time together, but locking really knows how to make me smile. Contemporary and I connect, but popping really knows my soft spots. Ballet was my first relationship, but hip hop has my heart forever. I’m a dancer period, but I gravitate to the street dances more because I have a deeper connection to them. They take me on journeys that are unexplainable. I also learned that when it comes to being on either the east coast or west coast, the location doesn’t matter. My home is purely where my heart is.

This has motivated me to inspire those all over the world. Aid them in finding those very things that make them genuinely happy, and help them discover where they feel at their absolute best! Help them to discover their element.

Through the rumblings of the Earth, I found hope, discovered faith, and found my element.

Through the rumblings of the Earth, I found what touches my soul.

Mark your calendars. You don't want to be anywhere else but at "The 5th Element" on Wednesday May 5th, 2010.

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