Mar 29, 2010

Ying and Yang...

Thoughts from "Ninja"

I've spent a lot of time gazing in mirrors, bound up in spandex and lyric attire... pinned to perfection. The amount of work a dancer must put into ballet is both physically and mentally exhausting. Nonetheless, it is where my true passion of movement began.

Over the years, my thirst for new experiences grew immensely. I found myself indulging in fantasies of martial arts, flips, tricks, and breaking. I journeyed far from the structure and extremities of ballet, and began developing a style that would best express who I am... lethal grace, the technique and elegance of classical ballet infused with the raw and boundless freedom of street dance.

In my journeys, I have travelled many places and met various kinds of artists. I fall in sheer captivation every time I see someone fresh, passionate and willing to embrace their movements. These artists are able to tell definitive, captivating stories, and I have enjoyed being the author to some of their narratives.

The stage has always been my home. When I'm away from its dark floors, elevated heights, and eye-blinding lights, a part of me is missing. I have a deep rooted connection to the stage, and I use it as a vessel for journeys beyond the realm of our existence. It is a place where people can dwell in wonder, and allow themselves to sink to the emotional depths of the water.

I came to Toronto to study in performance arts. During this time, I met a part of me that had been buried in the core of my being. Like the water, it was in constant motion even when it appeared to be calm, still, and serene. I grew to understand that we hold this part inside of us, below the surface, moving as rapid as water. It's strength can carry us through the hardest of times, or drown us in the silence of our sorrow. Acknowledging this, has enabled me to grow, and find balance within myself. Now, all that I want is to have the chance to share this feeling, in every motion that unfolds... and connect with those who feel it too.

Mark your calenders. You do not want to be anywhere by at "The 5th Element" on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010.

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